Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Leader of the K's backs Al Gore

I received this email from the nominal leader of the Ks ( http://theksband.com )

While I have not read it, I am certain it will reach many who will no doubt wish to respond and in the process fill my inbox with ever-branching email threads.

beginning of kommunique

This is an extremely rare political message to our mailing list. Forgive the intrusion, but the seriousness of the problem is such that I have to use what resources I have. I hope you forward it and/or hit some of the links below. I am very frightened for this world. I don’t want to wait for the ice caps to melt to realize that we have a great crisis, the crisis of our age with global climate change. We will kill the terrorists, and their bleak worldview will be rejected where it grows, but that will all be for naught if we face an ecological holocaust, or if we create a world of hardship, with a vast exodus from the equator and from island nations swallowed by a rising ocean. For the most part we’ve simply turned our minds from this vast problem, but Al Gore, God bless him, has not. He laid out a challenge the other day that we should embrace as a nation. Whatever you think of Al Gore, this is too big a problem to let go and this is the solution.

Here are some things we can do: http://www.wecansolveit.org/content/action/

Here’s how you can find out who your congressperson is. Write a letter. https://forms.house.gov/wyr/welcome.shtml

Likewise, your Senator: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Here is Al Gore’s speech. This should become THE political movement of our time. Obama and McCain should be forced to adopt this challenge as their own. It sounds tough, but I think we’re ready for big changes. It can be a little scary, but that means we get to create the future, not let it happen to us. Here’s a link and the text below. http://www.wecansolveit.org/pages/al_gore_a_generational_challenge_to_repower_america/

[original kommunique included entire text of speech available at the link directly above]

That’s the end of the speech. Thanks for reading. We really need to do this. I hope you understand why I sent this, and hope you further the message.


Dan Kilian

The Ks
ending of kommunique

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beth said...

Thank you once for for filling my email box with several emails repeating each other over and over again. I have rearranged your comments and entered them into my blog at http://johnpauljustlikethepope.blogspot.com/ where they belonged in the first place

Benoit and Douche:

Hi Dan,

I went to one of your concerts last year (sorry, I went to NY by plane,

didn't want my story to be played by little Leo if the ship happened to

hit an iceberg), I liked it and ever since I have been on this mailing list.

By the way, the links to wecansolveit.org are broken.

Why do you consider your message as "political" ? It is not. I always

find it intriguing when meeting americans to see that apparently

democrats and republicans manage not to breath the same air.

The reason why I am replying to you is that I found your message a

little bit shocking. You seem to have awaken to the fact that your (my)

lifestyle is actually extremely destructive, for it implies a massive

waste of natural resources that are not always renewable, and the

pollution of our environments to the ludicrous extent that it makes it

dangerous for ourselves. What is the first thing you do? You ask your

friends to send a letter to their congressman, and to consult

websites... Why don't you ask us not to buy foreign vegs/fruits that

could be produced locally, to use public transports, to compost our

wasted food, to switch off our computers in the evening, etc., and also,

after all that, to send a letter to our congressman. You seem to mix

ecology with yet another crusade against the forces of evil (you mention

terrorism in your message, maybe a lapsus linguae). You talk about

oceans swallowing countries, exodus, holocaust, it all sounds very

biblical. I do not find a word in your message questioning what is at

the core of the whole issue: your lifestyle.

I hope you won't find my message offensive. I do admire people like you

who can feel so passionately about a cause. I have recently been to a

few conferences about global warming. I really was shocked to see that

people who can speak about two hours about pollution and ecology often

offer drinks at the end of their conference served in plastic cups.

Wish you all the best,


Leader of the Ks:

Question: Anybody know Benoit? And what do you make of his e-mail? Is he a

douche? Or am I?



He makes a good point. He probably went to one of your shows, saw you drive up in a Hummer and then do that thing in your “stage show” with all the aerosol cans. So he’s just saying.

Although his point might be one that I have long held, why do we need a global warming crisis to start making very reasonable lifestyle changes?

The Architect:

Or we could divert one tenth of the money we spend in Iraq to fusion research and then just float around on levitation beds all day while the robots feed us peacock tongues.

I want to eat the last sea bass. My point here is that there is glee to be had in the destruction of the planet. Just eating a sustainable amount of sea bass is fine and dandy, but knowing that you’re taking a bit of the very last one – that is a delicacy. Nobody else will ever eat it again. Mwa haaa haaa!!!