Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The truth about Iraq

I am not sure the recent book on how the administration coerced intelligence services to corroborate the case to go to war with Iraq is all that earth shattering a disclosure. Cheney’s parade across the Potomac to strong arm analysts into telling us what he wanted to hear is well known. The public was fed a whopper the way Columbus lied to his crews about how far they had sailed in order to preempt a mutiny. Columbus is generally held in high regard, as evidenced by the national holiday in his name. While we are a long way from celebrating “W Day”, there is a good chance that the demise of Saddam’s despotic Baath regime will be replaced by republican institutions that will in time make Iraq a better place to live, raise a family, and explore and develop petroleum resources.


Dan said...

Yes, it has been well worth the 4129 (August 5) dead soldiers and 86000 dead Iraqis and trillions of $ spent so we could build a new Lebanon. The sad thing is that at some point, modernity WILL come to a more full fruition in the Middle East at some point, and war Hawks will point to Iraq as the catalyst, regardless of it's inevitability. And when terrorists strike again, in some new form, anyone who points to Iraq as a catalyst for such hate will be called "part of the blame America First Crowd."

johnpauljustlikethepope said...

Modernity may come, but brutality persist. I would rather live in Lebanon today than Iraq of yesteryear.

While not a panacea, a democratic state has as a strength the ability to accommodate opposition without oppression. When the opposition is repressed by violence, the barrier to entry for political movements is the willingness to withstand such violence. When people die by the sword, they tend to live with it, as well.

AlexinCT said...

I have to wonder why people love to claim we wasted the lives of our troops and money in Iraq. The majority of the troops do not seem to feel their efforts have been wasted. And I would rather have Uncle Sam burn money than have it used by politicians to propagate the failed collectivist experiment and buy votes.

Pointing to Iraq as the reason for the next terror attack is simply people with an agenda acting like spoiled brats. 9-11, and a whole lot of other unanswered attacks happened without an Iraq. Thepeople behind the terror attacks have been and will continue to do them to further their agenda to scare the West out of the Middle East, create a Caliphate, and then subjugate the rest of the world from it. They do not need any "catalysts" to prompt them to want to kill infidels.